1) Am I too old to learn?

Definetely not! Whether you are 80-years old or 21-years old, you are always encouraged to learn and take up swimming as a form of exercise. The experience is the same, fun and enjoyable!


2) I know completely nothing about swimming. Can I join?

Yes, of course! In fact, our personal swimming lessons are suitable for all levels including those who have zero experience in swimming.


3) I have water phobia. How about that?

Water phobia is not something easy to overcome. Fortunately, we have experience teaching students like you and as long as you follow our programme closely, you can say goodbye to water phobia.


4) I want to learn, but I’m just too shy!

We understand how you feel. You could possibly try to arrange your lessons on non-peak hours such as weekdays at night. That should help.


5) Must I wear a swimming suit/trunk? I prefer shorts and shirt.

For the sake of water safety, the answer is yes. Standard pool regulations usually prohibit pool users from wearing clothes into the pool. If you are more comfortable with your body fully covered, you can purchase proper swimming attires that have sleeves.


6) My doctor told me to swim to improve an injury (physiotherapeutic purposes). Can you help?

A doctor might advise his patient to take up swimming to improve the recovery of an injured joint such as the spine. If you are here for that reason, we will be glad to help you out.


7) What if it rains?

Our coaches will make the decision whether the lesson can or cannot proceed. We will do our best to inform students about 30-45 mins prior to lesson time if there is a cancellation, however this is not always possible due to abrupt changes in weather nowadays. All lessons cancelled by us due to weather will be replaced.


8) Do you guarantee that I can swim?

There is no guarantee. However, our ability to adapt our teaching techniques combined with our methods of teaching usually results in a very high success rate. Most adult students would find that the 3-5 lessons is just nice to learn at least breast stroke proficiently. Also, because we have a no-hold-back policy, we will continue teaching new techniques as soon as the student demonstrates sufficient standards. This is an advantage for fast learners.


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