Eager to Swim, But Too Shy, and Afraid of Water?

Source: Natural Health magazine (Sept 2011, Vol 12)


2011-09-Natural-Health-largeFor those who know the secret, swimming can be a lifelong form of pleasurable and invigorating exercise. Unfortunately, for adults who have spent a lifetime either too afraid to swim or just uncomfortable in the water, you could be missing one of the best forms of exercise. To allay your fear, we approached Madam Yulhaida Goh, popularly known as Madam Yul, who runs the Aeroswim private swimming classes in the Klang Valley for some answers.


Tell us about Aeroswim and yourself

I’ve been a swimming coach for almost 30 years ever since I began my career in the fitness circle. Being a fitness instructor with a background in physical education have helped me to successfully train countless number of swimming students through my unique teaching methods which I’ve designed and perfected through the years. Aeroswim was founded by me for this purpose in the year 2000. I also hold an International Life Saver certificate and have conducted life-saving courses. So, for anyone with fear of swimming, be assured that you are in good hands.


Am I too old to learn swimming?

It doesn’t matter what age you are, everyone can pick up swimming skills as long as you have the desire to learn and give yourself time to learn. The youngest student we’ve taught was 4 years old while the oldest student was 82 years old. At any age, you are encouraged to take up swimming as a form of exercise. The experience is the same – fun and enjoyable!


What is the toughest for a new swimmer?

It is to pick up the courage and get started. Once you made up your mind, don’t hesitate – just go ahead and do it. The rest will come easy. many people have the wrong perception that you need years to learn. On the contrary, at Aeroswim, many of our students pick up two swimming strokes in just five lessons.


What if I have water phobia?

Water phobia is not something easy to overcome. Fortunately, we have experience teaching students like you, and as long as you follow our programme closely, you can say goodbye to water phobia in five easy lessons.


What health benefits have your students gained?

The benefits of taking up swimming are plenty. Patients with spinal and knee problems have taken up swimming to strengthen muscles without direct gravitational impact on the joins. Asthmatic students have found much relief and reduced the frequency of asthma attacks. And those under constant stress, a good dip in the pool have helped to de-stress them, to name a few. In short, if you want to fell good, head for the pool today!