Aeroswim was founded in the year 2000 by husband-wife team, Daniel and Yul, with only a small group of students. At the beginning, they kept a low profile where most of their students came to know about them by word of mouth. Aeroswim grew slowly but surely maturing through coaching hundreds of men, women, and children in safe, enjoyable swimming. Our success, or rather our students’ success, has been through the positive, supportive nature of our teaching methods. This itself has been the key factor that has attracted so many to come and learn with us.

Yul & Daniel

Daniel and YulYul has been a swimming coach for almost 30 years ever since she began her career in the fitness circle. With her background in Physical Education and teaching, Yul has successfully trained countless number of swimming students using her unique teaching methods she designed and perfected over years of teaching experience. She is also an International Life Saver certificate holder and has conducted life-saving courses.

As a fitness professional since her early days, Yul has also taught aerobics in top fitness clubs such as Clark Hatch for seven years in 1983. Her passion and quality of teaching secured her the position of Chief Aerobics Instructor.

In the year 2001, Yul began training karate under ex-national fighter Sensei P.Thiagu. She then proceeded to earn her Black Belt degree in Hayashi-Ha karate in the year 2003. In 2004, she participated and became the national representative to the Miss Fitness Asia Pacific 2004 in Singapore.

In the year 2000, Yul decided to set up Aeroswim to enable more people to reach out to her for swimming lessons. At that time, Daniel had just retired and helped her set up Aeroswim. Since then, he has been teaching swimming alongside Yul. Daniel’s gentle and patient demeanor combined with his experience in teaching swimming has made him a favourite among his students.

Today, both Yul and Daniel dedicate most of their time coaching students of various ages and backgrounds. They are also active volunteers at Cancerlink Foundation Malaysia.